It was a chilly evening and I was walking with my electronic camera via the city center trying to find a good straight individual to speak him right into his very first gay sex for cash. Yet this moment a person approached me. Actually a knight, or as I discovered a student from Slovakia that was impersonated a knight talking […]

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Again I pretended to be a traveler visiting Prague (my precious home-city). But often it helps me a lot to obtain in contact with young people. I met a great blond one that I came close to that night. I wanted him to show me a nice bar and preferably join me for some clubbing. Unfortunately he got on his […]

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Considering that almost one year Peter, one of my closest close friends, asks me nearly each week if he can also be the „ Czech hunter“ for one scene. And also as I was hectic I thought it would certainly be a good idea to let him have his possibility. He is a sexy person– a bit younger than me. […]

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